1969 1st VIII racing

Patrick Clarke
Rowing down to race the Martyrs crew

Patrick Clarke Colin McDougall Charles Gruchy Frank Wallis BJ Burch Bill Mascott Geoff Culbertson Harry Ward Peter Howe
Beating the Martyrs crew

My father John M Culbertson & brother Jolyon C Culbertson watch an SES VIII from Port Meadow

I think this is at Walton-on-Thames regatta


I'm pretty sure this is at Bedford Regatta

Again at Bedford Regatta


I think this is at Pangbourne Regatta. SES VIII is the third boat away from the camera

Pangbourne Regatta? Who's racing? I don't think any of these 3 crews is from SES

 Peter Howe (Bow) 
 Harry Ward (2) 
 Geoff Culbertson (3) 
 Bill Mascott (4) 
 BJ Burch (5) 
 Frank Wallis (6) 
 Charles Gruchy (7) 
 Colin McDougall (Stroke) 
 Patrick Clarke (Cox)