Sing's House 1970

Syngs House 1970 Fran Pritchard Jenny Wright Geoffrey M J Culbertson Pat Pritchard Joe McPartlin Jim Badger Timothy Steeds Richard? Williams Robert Illius Mark Baldwin Bryn Howell-Pryce Paul Hardy-Jackson Nigel Mitchell Galen Bartholomew Jolyon C Culbertson ?Mark ?Hopkinson ?Fookes

This photograph was somewhat uneventful, but I well remember in either '68 or '69 Jim Badger (RIP) put a Gonk in the centre window above the back row. Fran Pritchard was not amused!

I have not remembered too many names in this photograph so I hope you will send me the names to update it. GC

 ?Mark ?Hopkinson 
 Jolyon C Culbertson 
 Galen Bartholomew 
 Nigel Mitchell 
 James (Jimmy) Taylor 
 Paul Hardy-Jackson  
 Bryn Howell-Pryce 
 Mark Baldwin 
 Robert Illius 
 Richard? Williams 
 Timothy Steeds 
 Simon Elwell 
 S P B (Jim) Badger 
 Joe McPartlin (House Tutor) 
 Pat Pritchard 
 Geoffrey M J Culbertson 
 Jenny Wright (House Nurse) 
 Tim Fairclough 
 Fran Pritchard (House Master)